In Shelley’s Corner

The Heart of Africa

This month I discovered new spirit in my sport and was reminded of how much my heart lies in Africa.

Playing in Kenya this month was amazing-on every level.There are some unorthodox circumstances that arise when playing African tournaments to be sure-the turf was pretty much ooded and quite bumpy resulting in lots of miss trapped balls, there was a bit of ‘Delhi belly” going around,absolutely no hot water and some rather interesting track incidents.

But and here comes the but-Kenya inspired me in a way that is hard to put into words. None of that other stuff matters when you watch a team with nowhere the kinds of resources my team enjoys on a daily basis lose with more pride and humility than I ever seen. Hot water seems so trivial when you see the Ghanian team play with so much heart my team was struck to speechlessness!

There were a few times when I would just stop to soak the moment and appreciate what it means to feel so privileged to be able to have this experience. The people in Kenya were fantastic-so friendly and always willing to help.