In 2014 Shelley Russell achieved her 200th Cap for the SA Womens Hockey Team and in so doing cemented her name in the sports history. Her own remarkable history includes two Olympic Games, the Hockey World cup and the Commonwealth games-all this alongside hundreds of international matches. Shelley is an international sportswoman in every sense having lived in South Africa, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. This highly accomplished 26 year old started her international career as an out-and-out striker but has developed into an attacking left-side midfielder whose ability to tackle is a hallmark.

After the benefits of being nurtured at top hockey school St Marys Waverley and the University of Stellenbosch (where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Sports Science) Shelley started her overseas club hockey career at Gantoise in Ghent, Belgium before moving to Pinoke in Amsterdam. The advantage of playing in the Netherlands in the world’s strongest club league has helped immeasurably in developing her game as an international hockey player.

Off the field, Shelley has become one of hockeys most recognisable faces and is in demand as a highly marketable brand in hockey. While being a committed full time athlete Shelley has somehow managed to find the time to complete her Sports Science degree and squeeze in opportunities to work in the media and as an ambassador for a range of community programs and activities.

Shelley continues to push herself to new heights. Her motto, Never stop working till your good is better and your better is best serves her well in her pursuit of the ultimate game. 2014 has already proved to be a challenging and significant year for Shelley and with the World Cup and Olympic qualifiers at the top of her list, Shelley is set to have a career making year!